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NLP from a Rural Craftsman

Most times, people assume NLP is this whole bunch of tools and techniques created that makes one perform like he has been injected with performance steroids or some random high performance spirit has entered the person!
Well, maybe!

But the point is – we miss out on the obvious! The fact that NLP itself evolved by modeling those people who were considered geniuses in their fields… Those that produced results consistently! NLP patterns and techniques are only a systematic assimilation of some of the patterns successful people in the world use!
You unconsciously use a lot of NLP too!


I noticed again today how simple and profound it is when someone uses NLP so naturally when in absolute rapport…
I was strolling around ‘Dilli Haat’ – a place where rural craftsmen display their work for sale… As I lay my hands on these beautiful embroider purses, he said – “Only Rs. 350 ma’am. Kitne piece lenge?” (Meaning: How many pieces will you buy?” and I thought to myself! Wow! What a powerful ‘Presupposition’, that! He delivered with such natural charisma in absolute rapport!

Here we are, Training many many about each of these language patterns and how powerful they are.. And this boy from the rurals spinning language patterns so powerfully in his native language… Impressive, in totality!

There was another lady I picked up some stoles from who spoke about How there’s a lot of handwork on it and it would make me feel rich! Complex Equivalence pattern that!

The question really is – when you already have so much of NLP embedded within you that you may not even realize, how much more awesome can you get when you can power-pack your language, yourself in totality as an instrument to influence just about anybody with just a little more practice baked in along with a whole wealth of awareness of NLP happening all around you!



May 15, 2012 12 Comments