NLP and Me

My passion for NLP started when I was in College… Also had a booming career in Music… I used to perform in Live Concerts almost every week…

And I had this Crippling problem of not being able to remember lyrics! This for a Performer is ‘crippling’ in the real sense…. It didn’t allow me the freedom to move as I used to be glued to the lyrics book on a stand right in front of me on-stage!

And then I met Antano Solar John, who had just learned NLP from Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP)… In about half hour, believe it or not, I was rid of this problem forever! He literally did install a new strategy for me to be able to Learn Lyrics and the very next day, I performed in a concert having absolutely no trouble. It was a moment of magic! For once I knew how awesome it is to just sing your heart out without having to worry about “Oh! I’m going to forget lyrics and mumble nothings”…

And I thought to myself – “If this is So Profound and So Simple, then Why is Technology not so Easily available to everyone?”

And there began my NLP journey…. As I joined Antano in obsessively, compulsively becoming really good with NLP skills!  I have also had the biggest fortune of being personally mentored by Dr. John Grinder (Co-creator of NLP) who has endorsed Antano & me to be one of finest in the world in the present in NLP, today.

Over years of research, working on very complex cases and extending the domain of applications of NLP, Antano & I have also built the Technology of Excellence Installation, where we deliver Immediate, Targeted, Personal Changes for Individuals, Corporates and Educational Institutions. School of Excellence, Research organization we have founded together, now houses 12 products and is now valued at $13 Million and is all set to Scale uP! and beyond, making that desired, unprecedented mark in the Personal Change and Wellness Industry.


What I do using NLP:

NLP in Music:
I find so many people with this severe passion to sing but just can’t stay on pitch or rhythm!
I work with people who are tone deaf, rhythm deaf – using NLP to help them become musicians in their own might!

NLP in Healing:
From migraines to weight loss, miscarriages  and many many ailments – I work with people using NLP patterns in the broad sense!  Evolving all the way from an NLP Technician to an NLP Artist…. And breathing so much joy when people smile with all their heart having cured of their illness…

NLP in Teaching:
I teach NLP, running World-class NLP Practitioner Certification programs under School of Excellence. Having been through the NLP journey from scratch and knowing fully what some of the pain points are, the structure of the course is so non-linear and chunked so beautifully that it allows for UnConscious Competency and Generative Change (UCGC Methodology as developed by Antano Solar John and me)

NLP in Corporates, Educational Institutes:
There’s noone who cannot benefit from NLP! Corporates reach out with specific requirements for their employees – Beating Stress, Drastic Orientation towards Change, Leadership etc.

I use NLP to bring about these outcomes through some of School of Excellence’s flagship programs and through Exclusively Tailor-made interventions based on NLP Modeling to achieve these outcomes