Hey Crow, Tell your Story

June 25, 2014 0 Comments

I’m not sure if this particular ‘kahaavat’ (saying/thought) has it’s translation in other languages but in tamil I’ve heard people say “Kaaka maadhiri parakaadhae”, which when literally translated reads ‘don’t fly like a crow’, but what they actually intend to say is don’t be in a hasty and jump at something… Take your time, be graceful and make good decisions!
Crows are a regular visitor to the balcony in my house where my mom generously feeds them in abundance…. Curd rice is their favourite! Infact, the crows are served food on their own special bowl even before I am allowed access to food at home :)

And over the days, we’ve been enjoying watching some of the behaviours of these crows… No matter how hungry they are, they always call their fraternity when they sight food… The crow could’ve been selfish and eaten all the food by itself! But they always call their near and dear ones… Two-three of them perch on the balcony one behind the other, waiting patiently… One eats and then makes way for the other to take the throne, eat their share and make way again…

And I was surprised that a squirrel can actually scare crows! It sort of does a stand up posture and moves it’s tiny hands around a lil and attempts to make scary faces that actually intimidates the crow…. The doves boss around the crows quite a bit as well! But the crow is never lonely! Because the crow always takes it’s peers along… Be it towards food or getting together to form an army… You don’t ever find a happy crow whilst others starve. They live together. Growing uP together as well… Always. They don’t always move together, but they’re always watching out on the other and care to involve the others when they spot an interesting opportunity…

Wonder what lessons they are trying to teach us!

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