About Me

“If you like colors, I help you Paint a richer representation of the world inside and outside of your mind
If you like sounds, I help you put a tune in your mouth. Let every word flow naturally
If you like the sensations, I help you feel ecstatic for no reason. For good.


Few people move around like magicians in this world screaming Natural Excellence at everything they do.
I make Magicians – Irrespective of Context or Content.
That’s what I do with my greatest assets – NLP skills, My Voice

 – Harini Ramachandran


When people look at me, they often ask “How do you manage to ride two horses?” – I tell them, “Well, they are both beautiful, swift horses that together go in the direction of Transforming Lives of people – using emotions & expressions with a sufficiently advanced technology that looks like magic. The magic that binds the Chariot with the two beautiful horses I ride – Music & NLP.

“Megha” as I’m popularly known the music world – this role allows me to Express & touch people using one of my greatest assets – my voice. I’m a playback singer – I’ve worked with some of the best Music composers we are proud of – A R Rahman, Harris Jayaraj etc. – predominantly in Indian Languages.
The ‘Megha’ also teaches music – specifically to those who are tone deaf, rhythm deaf etc. – using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

“Harini Ramachandran” – as I’m popularly known in the NLP world and the Business world – this role has all of my passion and quest for excellence translate into serious work in the field of Holistic Health, Communication & Influence, Tapping Real Potential, Accelerated Learning, Training, Sales, Coaching and more – using UnConscious Patterning with NLP.

Having co-founded School of Excellence with Antano Solar John, we specialize in Creating Immediate, Targeted Personal Changes that sustain, through the Technology of Excellence Installation. School of Excellence is also into Research NLP Applications across contexts to bring about results considered impossible in most cases.

Changing mindsets, creating choices, building powerful beliefs, getting rid of compulsions & addictions, generating new useful behaviors, creating generative & lasting transformation – I do this in Excellence Installation sessions in groups, one-on-one,  consulting for Corporate houses, as a special consultant in Bharathiraja Speciality Hospital and as a Human being that loves to add value to life – both others & mine!

The visionary light I see at the end of the endless tunnel in both my roles – is always – making this world a happier, more inspiring place to live in where everyone has the freedom to make the choices they want and live life to the fullest.