About Me

“I choose you”, said Music. Bountifully, way back as a child. My voice, my musicality, came as a freely wrapped gift from above. And I have carefully nurtured that little baby into the confident, capable, creator of tunes, hues and sensations that stem directly from the soul. It’s a journey that takes it’s own space, freedom and artistry.

Playback singing (where I’m known as Singer Megha) was just another thing that happened, in the larger journey of immersing in Music, and must I say I thoroughly enjoy the journey, even now! Singing all the way from school to now with Maestros such as Oscar Winning Composer A R Rahman, Padma Vibhushan Ilaiyaraja and many more other “famous” music composers, specially in the South of India, in addition to delving into the layers of depth in carnatic music, hindustani and western classical.

Somewhere in this journey, I realized, my voice is not just for ‘entertaining’ people, but has the ability to help people discover special and unexplored spaces of creativity, and into a space of unexplainable emotion that ends up liberating them and leaving them with a deep sense of hope and inspiration.

To bring about Real Change in people, through music, has been the most humbling and powerful experience for me and my audience.

I’m very critical of what I call ‘Real Change’. Just feeling good about something that you didn’t feel good about earlier, is not Real Change. Consciously attempting to bring in the best of your thoughts and focusing them on something of importance is also, not real change.

Real Change, is when a New behavior, belief, skill, capability, becomes Innate, and you not necessarily know how that happened! I became curious to explore the science, art, mystery behind creating ‘Real Change’ in people when I myself went through a ‘Real Change’. I overcame a personal limitation relating to music, with the help of Antano Solar John, in just 45 minutes. That one change, literally changed my life in totality – I soared, in every aspect of my life. I was living the experience of ‘Accelerated Success’, and little did I know that this profound experience would lead my to Launch my very own Legacy. I’ve spoken about this moment of magic here in my Interview called Heart2Heart with Mouli Marur, one of my confidantes, for over a decade now.

A series of very specific ‘Real Changes’ can lead you to your Legacy. And I’m in the journey of helping individuals across the world Launch their Legacy.

There’s going to be one day, when your soul leaves your body and moves on. What if you manage to in this lifetime, convert your Impact into Significance? What if, your Legacy continues for generations and generations, even after you’re long gone? The fact that you’re human, means, this is possible. And why I love my work so much, is because I work with people irrespective of their history and where they are currently. I work with the privileged, the average and the under-privileged – but – only, only for people who are driven. For people, who believe that it is Possible, to Change the Trajectory of their Lives, no matter what their history has been like, for People with the Real Drive to Launch a Legacy. No Fluff. No ha-ho’s. But plain, deep immersion into Personal Excellence and Equipping themselves to Be a Legend.

Some of my landmark pieces of work include:

–> Helping a Business owner go from $20 Million to $38 in one year. He was earlier stuck at $20Million for 5 years and couldn’t get out of that plateau even after adopting all best practices

–> Solving Medically Impossible conditions for clients – Paralysis, auto immune diseases, allergies, chronic aches and pains (where medical interventions haven’t worked) etc.

–> Creating artists out of common man in 7 days… including helping A R Rahman launch the Sunshine Orchestra within 8 months

Business. Health. Legacy.

The common thread that connects all the work I do, is, the Framework of Excellence Installation Technology.

For the Business guy, it was about nailing precisely ‘What stopped him from breaking the plateau’ and fixing the mindset, the limitations and developing capabilities in order that he achieved what even he considered impossible in that time frame.

In the Medically challenging cases, it was about Exploring the psychosomatic aspect that could be causing the physical condition and solving it. At best, what we’ve applied in medical cases, is a ‘model’. We’re not medical doctors. But we have a ‘model’ that’s worked for several cases we’ve taken up personally as well as those that my team of A&H Consultants and extended Excellence Installations Specialists have taken up. In each case, the breakthrough came from different approaches, but the common framework of excellence installation and from the mentoring of Dr. John Grinder, the co-creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

For the hundreds of individuals we have helped Launch a Legacy, the results happened as a consequence of our insight of Personally consulting these individuals on what has to happen for a person to complete their individual rarity, implement these strategic insights in the form of actual capability installations and execution that to the outcome of each of them discovering and launching something so unique, and have gone on to create undisputed Impact in their field of influence.

Explore more about my work with Individuals across Business, Health and Legacy Acceleration, here – http://www.antanoharini.com

For snippets of the beginning of my Legacy, the Technology of Excellence Installation, along with my Co-developer Antano Solar John, explore http://www.excellenceinstallation.com

And if you want to listen to an entertaining song or two, pick up a song in random from the discography here on my Wikipedia page :)