Inhale Depth

April 23, 2015 0 Comments

So much has been said about Geniuses. Already. You just know that a Genius is always a class apart. Most times, unreachable by the average. It’s a Zone. Quite a spiritual one, if you may. And by spiritual here, I mean – a certain way of living. One that allows for ‘creation’ to happen. Creation of all kinds. But of a superior, superior quality. And most times, these creations are surreal. Like one that can originate only from that particular person. In sleep and in walk, the DNA at the deepest level is thirsty for one thing. Depth.

Depth. Depth. Depth. Seeking depth. The more one digs in, the more depth there is. It’s like excavating into a mine of paradises, where with every step, newer, more queer, more exciting, more strange, more delightful, surprising doors open in all kinds of shapes and sizes and colors and hues. And it’s in the excavation that true joy lies. Where one find leads to another. And a space once touched, is never the same again. Suddenly, new habitation happens, new miracles take place, perhaps a new life form emerges, a new Eco system evolves. And it was all mooted by the tap of the Genius. And what drives it all? An unquenchable yearn and thirst for Depth.

Loathing mediocrity, embracing excellence, raising the bar of excellence, creating new ecosystems, engineering Midas touch, making way for life to thrive on superior levels, contriving creation of bliss for mankind – a way of life, for a Genius.

Einstein came uP! with the Theory of Relatively when he dreamed he was riding on a sled that seemed to approach faster than the speed of light.

All your life your unconscious works for you, in a variety of delightful ways. Give it space. Allow it to the enter the Zone. Embrace Depth. Inhale Depth. And the world will change for you.

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