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June 22, 2012 0 Comments

As Entrepreneurs, there is always a Never ending list of things to do. No matter which tool(s) you use to organize yourself, when you find yourself thinking about work day and night, shutting off from social life, sitting in front of your laptop from Dawn to Dawn… You have successfully entered the Life of a Maniacy New Entreprenuer!


So much to do… So little time… Everything looks important! It’s been ages since you took off. You can’t take off in peace. Guilt wraps you round your neck and squeezes you till you get back to work… Eventually Productivity slouches…. And Argh. Vicious circle all over again. Useless shopping spends… Hole in pocket. Bigger darkcircles round your eyes.
Once again – Welcome to the world of a New Entreprenuers Life!



Having been in this rut at some time in my life, here are some tips to get you past the nonsense!

1. Maintain an online journal – I highly recommend Backpack journal.
Post quick updates of your work as you finish work one by one. It’s like tweeting or updating status on facebook. At the end of the day – you look at your journal – there! You have a measure now of productivity. It’s just one of the most brilliant tools for patting yourself on your back when you deserve one (most times until now, you probably didn’t even know when it was time to pat your back) or kick your ass when your dashboard looks like mice excreta.


2. Maintain a simple Today’s Goal list:

  • Business
  • Transactions
  • Personal Transformation

Business – Put in those things you are going to do today that takes you one step closer in the direction of your Business Goals

Transactions – Are those day-to-day work of transactional nature. Those admin stuff.
We tend to get caught doing so much Transactions sometimes, that it can get frustrating. List your Transactional work for the day and Cross it off the list when you complete it. Ensure you make a Journal Entry once the work is complete (or progressed significantly)

Personal Transformation – What are those things you’ve wanted to do for Personal Transformation? Reading that long-pending book? Working out? etc. etc. List it. And DO IT


3. Celebrate Success!

Treat yourself everytime you do something that’s worthy of Celebration! Go out! Gift yourself a spa treatment. Sip cold coffee! Celebrate!

More often than not, when you’re caught in rut, you forget what it is like to smile and celebrate completion of significant tasks, achieving milestones. Remember – Direction is what is important. When you cross a milestone in the Direction of Goal Completion, Celebrate at the end of Milestone completion rather than wait, wait, wait, wait till the Goal is Complete!


4. Get a VA

I use a Virtual Assistant from – They’re well trained. They do neat stuff. Delegate most of your Transactional work to them. It takes some time to document those regular transactions that you do every day or week on week. Document it one-time and delegate! It is so worth the Training, Documentation time you invest. Spending a tad more for more free time for you is worth a million. Be Stingy Not! Get a VA now. You’ll find work for the VA to do when you just go sign up there.


5. Get out of your Office

Go for a Drive. See the world. Have a plant at home. Play with your pet. Do any of these things EVERYDAY. It’s a Sanity-maintaining-necessity!



Last, but not the least. MAKE SURE you TAKE A DAY OFF a week! Every week. EVERY week! One Day. Take off! And don’t slouch around. Do happy stuff.

And watch how awesome you will be when you return to work the next day.



Here’s wishing all you Entrepreneurs so much joy! May you grow your business and yourself multi-times bigger, more profitable and really make a difference! Progress everyday and Rejoice! :)



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