When Knifes show up against Natural Instincts…

September 5, 2013 6 Comments

When we at SOE office heard the sound of the raindrops beating against the window sill and the AC, we quickly opened the windows, enjoying the smell of the earth abundantly blessed by the showers after a long, long time here…. The cool breeze swept in all the way stretching our lips on either side into a happy, curvy smile as we stood by the window for some time and just saw how the trees danced to the rhythm of rain….

It was the same rain and winds that gave two little tiny tots a taste of hell…. Two little new born sprarrow-like birds squealed to the best of it’s abilities… One was found near the Elevator in the building (I’m naming this lil one “Squiee”) and another one was untraceable…. My neighbors took Squiee and kept it indoors… She was meek, scared and quiet. They tried feeding her water…. She didn’t seem to take too well… She was rather restless and didn’t seem to happy to be put inside a see-through basket cage.

So they took Squiee bird and put it back on the branch of a tree… And it just stayed there quietly… Instantly feeling more familiar, still scared and abandoned. Hope-filled.

Meanwhile, the other birdie (let’s call this one Tweetie) started to make sounds again… And this time Squiee waited, waited, waited (perhaps calibrating to the sounds and checking if it’s the sound of it’s sibling/mom) and then began to respond! What followed was such a delight of nature! Our Squiee gave a distinct loud sound, the other one responded… and they kept making sounds – in different directions…. To us it was like a demo of natural surround sounds! They exchanged sounds of different lengths, different speed…. and then Tweetie came flying from nowhere and fell on the Air conditioner of one of the houses on the ground floor… With this we suspected Tweetie was just learning to fly and perhaps lil older than Squiee is.

My enthusiastic neighbors (one of whom seemed to have some experience rearing birds in the past) grabbed my scarf and tired to catch Tweetie – all with the good intention of placing Tweetie right next to Squiee on the branch. Tweetie freaked out and kept escaping the human hands with the mystery scarf – perhaps thinking it’s being attacked! And as destiny had it, Tweetie was now finally caught in the neighbor’s hands wrapped around the scarf, and the caring neighbor carefully tiptoed her way back to the tree and placed Tweetie next to Squiee with so much love and opened the scarf …. And Tweetie just flew away into some branch all scared as if it had just been released from prison. Not even knowing that  she was placed right next to Squiee just a moment ago.

The neighbors were all disappointed, shouting, “Ayyo! Squiee is right here. Why are you flying? Now Go. Find her on your own”….

And I thought to myself – How little do we even know about Nature’s own instincts!

Tweetie and Squiee perhaps found each other again. Their way. Their natural way. Making sounds. And in other bird ways we may not even know of. And the very experience of being lost, withered and finding each other using all the gifts, character & wisdom that Nature has bestowed on them must’ve enhanced their map of the world oh so much more…. The disappointment however remains that of the loving, friendly, caring blunt & blind knife that tried to kneed it’s head into an unknown world of wisdom.

  1. Antano Solar John
    September 5, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    Classic example of how well intentioned people end up doing more damage by interfering in an eco-system they have no idea about, with the illusion of doing good.

    1. Harini
      July 7, 2014 at 7:07 pm

      How true! :)

  2. Rafiaa
    September 5, 2013 at 1:49 pm

    I just love this article….. Just what I needed today…. And as I was reading it, I felt I was experiencing it as if I was really there….

    1. Harini
      July 7, 2014 at 7:06 pm

      Good to know… Continue to enjoy!

  3. Maithili R Krishnaswamy
    September 5, 2013 at 2:46 pm

    Wow,that was really really cool.Must have been wonderful to see and hear the way tweetie and squiee calibrated with each other.This reminds me of the times I tried imitating the coo bird singing cooing and was so, sooo delighted to hear it reciprocating my cooing imitations and also the wonder of see the way the bird was trying to place as to where the other coo bird was. I experienced the delightful repeat of the same with the cats also many a time.

    1. Harini
      July 7, 2014 at 7:06 pm

      Nature in it’s myriad forms and delightful surprises :) They’re always teaching us, aren’t they?


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