Using Emotional Enticing for Exquisite Branding, Sales & Influence

December 1, 2013 2 Comments

Some of the biggest Brands we know use Emotions, Relationships, Sentiments & Bonding as the Driving factors to associate the states elicited with their brand, after all!

Even when it comes to Sales & Influence, my simple 2 minute Training includes:

  • Elicit the most useful Emotional State of mind
  • Pitch your Product convincingly with full ‘Congruence

I’d like you watch the giant “Google” in it’s most recent ad for ‘Google Search’ eliciting Emotions whilst Baking in the product into all of the emotions:

Now, can you think of some more such examples?!

Unconventional ad for ‘Google Search’, ain’t it?! And it’s all viral all over social media! And for this to work, it had to be in the specific sequence as mentioned above – Eliciting the useful emotion from the buyer and then pitching the product and this sequence was presented in loops in this ad making such a strong impact.

Yet the greatest challenge Influencers face today: is The Ability to Elicit Emotions! To make that ‘moment of magic’ feeling happen in their potential customers!

There’s another recent example where Tanishq elicited powerful emotionsi in people and associated it so well with their brand…  An effort which went viral and touched a chord breaking all social conventions:


A lot of us may think – “I’m the kind of person that goes by Logic… I’m the logical person and I don’t make emotional decisions!”

Well, whether you are an Engineer or Accountant, Home maker or a Minister, all of our decisions are influenced by emotion. Logic of course supports our emotions and it used to justify the decision we want to take – Emotion however, is the core ingredient – It’s the hero!

No Sale, No Brand, No Influence would work without Emotion! You’ve got “Like” something to take action. You’ve got Love it even more to Really Go for It. Whatever it is that Drives you to Really Do Something.

So if Two people ‘A’ and ‘B’ learn byheart all of the benefits of a “Product A” in and out, A does manage to sell all the way, whist B – not so happy because he was not able to influence anyone enough to Take Action. And this continued to happen until ‘B’ learned how to bring out the useful Emotions to do his job well – to make that connect – with everyone who he identified as potential customers for his business.

It’s been known for years that NLP has been used by the most powerful public personalities to reach out, ‘connect’ with people and Influence… We now even have Politician makers grooming the Next Gen in India using NLP all the way!

When you Master the Dance of Emotions in a way that you take charge and ofcourse, Eliciting powerful emotions in people you meet in a way that they don’t feel like they are ‘pushed’ to buy, but that “want” to buy, you know you have truly uP’d your game! And at uPwithNLP, that has been one of our main focuses – to help you make that ‘connect’ even better, as you use your body, your language and the full force of conversational hypnosis with all good intent to Build healthier relationships – personal and professional!

Antano Solar has been writing a series of Fabulous articles if you are curious more about How to use NLP for Sales & Influence

Enjoy as you Continue to allow your Curiosity to Convert into Knowledge gathering and Eventually skill building which you use in your Life for all things good!

  1. Mary Abraham
    December 2, 2013 at 8:20 pm

    Yes You are right! I watched the Google’s Reunion Ad and wondered how powerful the ad is. Those emotions stirred my mind to take some action. Thanks for pointing the concept of “congruence”. I need to read it from Antano’s write-up.

    1. Harini
      July 7, 2014 at 7:05 pm

      Continue to enjoy! :)


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